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Ham Info Page
Arkansas ARRL Website sponsored by the Arkansas Section Manager, Dale Temple W5RXU. It's devoted totally to the Arkansas Section of the ARRL. Check it out!
ARRL LogoNational organization of amateur radio.
  QRZ dot com logo QRZ.com  Look up domestic and some foreign call signs.
Worldwide HamCall (TM) Call Sign Server - Use this site to lookup DX call signs as well as domestic call signs. Subscriptions are available to receive call sign databases on CD-ROM as well as having access to all their online resources. This site is a product of Buckmaster Publishing.
eHam LogoThis is a wonderful site for reviews of amateur radio equipment. I use it to check out equipment that I'm interested in purchasing for myself. It's interesting how some people love something while others loath it. Use the information to give some insight before making that decision to purchase something. Use it see problems you might run into with what you already have.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Amateur Radio Call Sign Database - Use this site to search for ham license info by name, state, address, zip code, etc.
amateur radio dot net logoK1IW Amateur Repeater and Broadcast Transmitters Database Websearch. Use this form to generate a list or amateur repeaters and broadcast transmitters to your specifications. The database covers the fifty U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the ten Canadian provinces.
Where are all the hams? Generate a list and map of hams by call, zip code, or state. Try the zip code. Use a state search to zoom in on a map and look for zip code areas. Experiment with this one. It's really neat.
Ham Data LogoInteresting data on amateur radio. Lots of interesting statistics.
radio reference logoThis is an excellent source of radio frequencies used by city, county and state agencies. There are also amateur frequencies used for emergency work. This site is a wealth of information.
Skywarn LogoNational SKYWARN web site. Maps of watches, warnings, advisories, weather radar sites, surface and wind analyses.
W5AMI Arkansas Airwaves
FCC ULS web siteFederal Communications Commission Universal Licensing System home page.
DX Summit DX Cluster informaton for you DX hunters.
DX.WATCH.com Another DX cluster web site for you DX hunters.
Ham Universe Free for the entire ham radio community
Ham radio information at alertfind.com. Link suggested by Avery.
Learn about electric circuit (for kids). Link suggested by Hannah.
Some electric terms. Link suggested by Logan.
Some more electric terms. Link suggested by Ethan.
811 - ONE CALL - a free service to identify the location of pipelines and other underground utility lines.